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Altran Digital Workplace is a modern intranet based on SharePoint and Office 365.
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More than an Intranet

Altran Digital Workplace is not “just an Intranet” – it is a full-fledged Digital Workplace designed on how we work today and how we will work in the future, not how we used to work.

Mobile first

The user experience is paramount and Altran Digital Workplace is easy to use on smartphones, tablets and computers thanks a fully mobile and responsive design.

Built for Collaboration

A modern Digital Workplace requires collaboration. With Altran Digital Workplace it is easy to create, edit and share documents with your coworkers, wherever you are.

A well proven Platform

Altran Digital Workplace is built on Microsoft SharePoint, both On Prem or in the cloud in Office 365. The integration with Yammer and Skype for Business makes it a system for the future.

responsive digital workplace


Altran Digital Workplace is built for users on all types of devices. Whether it is a traditional office worker at a computer, someone working with a tablet or someone who just wants to be kept up to date using a smartphone – the user experience is adapted to device and function ensuring smooth and simple usage.


This is achieved by using responsive design and utilizing the built in mobile support in SharePoint, Office 365 and mobile apps from Microsoft.


Using push technology, ADW keeps the users updated with customized and relevant relevant notifications.


These can be sent to alert the user that new information is available, e.g. when a new page is created in the Employee Handbook or when a new article is published in the News Portal.


The framework also makes it possible to create and display notifications from external systems extending the Digital Workplace outside the ADW platform. In this way, users can be alerted when there are updates or when a specific action is required, such as signing of a personal time sheet report.

Personalization and Audience Targeting

A key philosophy of ADW is to help minimize the user efforts spent on searching and filtering information. As every user has unique needs, ADW shows the most relevant content through search driven content presentation, GUI personalization and individual notifications.


Using audience group targeting in ADW, your organization can distribute directed information to the right user groups at the right moment.

People Search

Finding coworkers in Altran Digital Workplace is easy. There is a quick search for finding people and each user has its own personal profile site where photo, contact details, organizational whereabouts etc. are shown. If ADW is used in the cloud on Office 365 the profile sites uses Delve, Microsoft’s new graph based user interface which automatically renders the most current and used content on the Intranet.
people search

Multi Language Support

SharePoint offers multi language support for functions, menus and system dialogs. ADW extends this and offers the ability to display content like news and pages in the language matching the individual user language settings.

Collaboration and Document Management

ADW offers extensive support of collaboration within different types of organizational groups. The system comes with a set of configurable collaboration site types supporting different kinds of needs for organizational units, projects and communities.


The collaboration sites are available in a searchable portal which also offers a number of administrative tools and permission control.
Life cycles of collaboration sites is controlled in a simple and stepwise process including site request, approval and retention. This helps to avoid common problems with duplicated or obsolete information.

One Organisation

Altran Digital Workplace strengthens the community within the organization and can be a driver for cultural and organizational change.

Tearing Down Walls

The invisible value destroying walls between different parts of an organization are torn down by Altran Digital Workplace’s user friendliness and openness.

Work wherever you want

Today work is what you do, not where you are. Altran Digital Workplace is fully mobile, which enables the users to partake and be active not matter where they are by using their Smartphones, Tablets or Computers.

Swift and easy Implementation

Altran Digital Workplace is more than just technology, it is also a methodology and implementation framework that makes the implementation efficient and easy.

Reach all Employees

Altran Digital Workplace is an Intranet for all Employees and not just the traditional office worker.

Proven Technology

Our long track record of delivering Altran Digital Workplace, in combination of leveraging the latest Microsoft technology, gives you a proven and future proof platform.

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Altran Digital Workplace is brought to you by Altran´s more than 500 employees in the Nordics.


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